Living in Boston, my sister has been able to go to our family’s house in Maine every summer and I’ve always been jealous of her adventures there.  Especially making homemade jam.  Luckily this weekend the ‘jammin’ party came to me.  Sydney’s friend picked out the recipes—this time I was just along for the ride.  Next time I’d love to make a peach jam.  I realized the process is easier, yet hotter and more dangerous than I originally thought.  The majority of the work is making sure to sterilize the jars and lids so you don’t get Botulism—as if the name isn’t enough to scare you!  We made three different jams this time: Vanilla Pear (the sweetest of the three), Balsamic Strawberry, and Cherry Apple Jam.  My favorite was the vanilla pear, maybe because I have a sweet tooth and this one had the most sugar in it.  To cut down on costs of vanilla beans, my sister’s friend actually gets them online. The cherries we used for the cherry apple jam weren’t the sweetest-so I don’t think this recipe had as much flavor. The apple also doesn’t add much in terms of flavor in jam recipes. Make sure to buy big and little jars—jam makes great gifts!

So my first jam’ sesh was a success, but it made me want to try it on my own even more..I’m thinking trying out this recipe: