Katz Sistas at it again

Since my sister’s so called medical rotation keeps getting cancelled, she joined me for cooking for the second night.  To add to the winter theme (starting with the 55 degree weather in JUNE) we decided to make soup.  Although I thought the recipe would be easy—it took about a good hour to prepare.  The recipe calls for peeling, coring, and removing the seeds of tomatoes-I was up for this as I try to avoid canned and boxed food as much as possible (besides the mint oreo we couldn’t resist after dinner).  I found the recipe in How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman—it was great, the broth was chicken broth but the tomatoes leaked flavor into the broth as well. Also had zucchini, fresh corn, basil, and we added red pepper to the recipe.  It was a perfect summer soup with a bit of a sweet taste to it.

Ignore the bad quality of the photo.  I was actually just talking to my boyfriend this weekend how food photography is really in-but unless you have a great camera, your food always looks like a lump of dog food on a plate.  Ill promise to use my good cam when the recipes I make are THAT good/make beautiful pics.

Also made one of my favorite salads-the credit for this one goes to LoGier (Lorie Gierada).  Anytime I need to bring a salad over for a dinner party I know this will be a hit. The salad is super simple, it’s all about the homemade dressing that causes everyone to ask how a bowl of greens could taste so yummy.

Dressing: Olive oil, sugar, red wine or apple cider vinegar, s&p, lots of fresh basil—throw it all into a food processor or my fav…the magic bullet

For the salad do what you want-I like candied pecans, goat cheese, craisins, and pears