I know what you are thinking…meatloaf, seriously?  I have to say I am the last one to think a heap of ground meat is appetizing.  I remember once when I was little, I was at a friend’s house and found myself with a heaping serving of a mystery meat my friend’s mom called “meatloaf” on my plate.  Who would choose to eat this stuff? I decided at that point to never go back to their house if a meal was being served.  If I was reading someone else’s blog and the newest entry was about meatloaf, I guarantee I’d quit safari before I had to read or see anymore.  But I promise even the meatloaf-haters may be pleasantly surprised by this recipe.  Don’t judge it by the pictures, I don’t think even Ansel Adams could make pictures of meatloaf look appealing. This recipe is for a turkey-zucchini meatloaf with a peach/mustard glaze (I used apricot preserves instead).  As I’m writing this I realize that combination doesn’t sound too inviting, but this recipe is a healthy and tasty surprise.  The glaze that covers the meatloaf the last fifteen minutes it cooks really adds the most flavor, giving it a bit of a sweet kick to it, but nothing too overpowering.

For a side dish we had haricot vert in the fridge, so I kinda followed along the lines of this recipe, leaving out the enormous wad of butter it calls for.  I also did almonds instead of pine nuts because it was what we had around the house.  I like my green beans crunchy, so I recommend cooking the peppers alone for longer so the green beans don’t get soggy waiting for the peppers to cook.