Non-Disney Ratatouille

Although I wish I had a little Disney character perched on my shoulder guiding me through recipes, I made it through my own ratatouille alright without the help.  It was simply perfect out yesterday in Boston at 70 degrees and sunny (especially compared to the 117 degree heat index in St. Louis last week), so what else do you do when it’s nice outside but BBQ?  My sister introduced me to Russo’s market/grocery store.  For all of you living in Boston, there is no need to bother with Starrs or Shaws’ bruised and  sub-par produce. Russo’s not only had a beautiful, vibrant, and an abundant selection of fresh produce, but it is shockingly reasonable.  From dragonfruit to liche nut, Russo’s has it all. And the environment is gorgeous–a built-in green house in the store with flowers, and my favorite orchids, everywhere you turn.

Now onto the meal…Grilled Ratatouille Salad and grilled corn.  Thanks to Russo’s, I had the most fragranced basil and fresh feta to top the Ratatouille.  I also dished it  on top of Quinoa to give the meal some protein.  The recipe doesn’t say to chop up the veggies more for plating, but I went ahead and did.  I kept a couple of layers of the husk on the corn for grilling, grilled corn is one of my favorites.  I’d say this meal was a great success–so healthy and affordable too!