Alstublieft, Amsterdam

Dank u wel, Amsterdam for an amazing trip and amazing food.  If America is the melting pot, then Amsterdam is certainly a Smorgasbord.  Walking the streets I saw more diversity among the people and of course the cuisine than in any other place I’ve been before.  Every night you could pick a different ethnic dish to try out, and they would all be superb.  Of course there are the Dutch classics you must indulge in like the pancakes and stroopwafels.  And how can you resist getting a batch of freshly fried french fries doused in mayonnaise?

Whenever I travel, I like to go to the local food markets-you get a great sense of local culture and cuisine.  If its nice out (aka it’s not raining, something too uncommon for such a great city to explore) I recommend grabbing some local goodies at the market and heading over to one of the great parks for a picnic, my favorite was Vondelpark.

As far as restaurant recomendations, here are a few to try out:

Pompstation: a very trendy and swanky hot spot with live music on the weekends, huge wine list, alternative and funky staff, amazing ambience, delicious food–think whipped sweet potatoes with feta and coriander alongside your steak. This was one of our favorites on the trip.

Bazar Amsterdam: North African Cuisine, more on the casual side, huge menu filled with spiced meats, couscous, and roasted veggies–and figs! Lively atmosphere for drinks and dining. Try the Dutch white beer they have on tap…mhmm

Wok to Walk: just go.

Can’t remember the name, but definitely get some thai food while you are there. It’s not all heavy peanut/pad thai dishes, but instead lighter fares with lots of veggies in delicious sauces.  I was most surprised by the fact that every restaurant had a designated vegetarian option. As you can see, Amsterdam lived up to my high foodie standards.  As my sister said, “its so much more than sex and drugs…”

I dedicate this post to my travel buddy and boyfriend, Brennan. I had an amazing trip with you 🙂