One of the 88345903458 reasons why I love New Orleans

I could dedicate an entire blog to the reasons why I love New Orleans.  Yes, tacky Bourbon Street is great on a Saturday night (more like earlyyyy Sunday morning) and draws an overwhelming amount of tourists itself, but the things I love about New Orleans are those things you only get when you live here.  This includes the innumerable amount of festivals held during the year.  You have  Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest, Blues & BBQ Fest, VooDoo Fest, the list goes on…but one of my personal favorite is Oak Street’s Po Boy Fest.  While a relatively new festival, it’s popularity boomed after its first year and its no mystery why.  Restaurants and vendors around the city line up their food trucks and tents on the artsy and spirited Oak Street to present their version of the best Po Boy Sandwich.  One of the reasons I love food is because I truly believe it is a bonding agent–Po Boy Fest is a perfect example of this.  People from all backgrounds and ages come together on this tiny New Orleans Street to do one thing: EAT (well maybe a couple things…eat, talk about what they’re eating, talk about what they’re going to eat next…you know the drill).  Po Boy Fest allows people to get together and throughly enjoy themselves while “nomming” on some of the most creative and delicious sandwiches they’ll ever have.

Now onto a little description of the treats I divulged in on Sunday.  Although I rarely eat pork, I wasn’t afraid to wave the white flag and go for this BBQ Pulled Pork and Asian Slaw Po Boy from Blue Dot Donuts. The catch? The bun was made out of DONUT dough.  All I can say is that there were tears in my eyes when I realized I had one bite left…

For dessert we also stuck with Blue Dot and treated ourselves to this heavenly fried donut & banana foster served with ice cream.  Yes it was heavy and my stomach was a little shaky afterwards, but it was also delightful.  You can’t go to Po Boy Fest thinking you are going to eat anything on the “light side.”