Gobble Baby Gobble

First let me admit that as I child, I was not a big advocate of Thanksgiving food.  I loved the holiday and have many fond memories of my aunt and me having our annual post-dinner dance parties, but I wasn’t the first one in line to fill my plate.  As the years went on, my taste buds luckily expanded and I now love almost every dish on the table.  I like keeping with the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but of course adding a twist.  As long as I can remember my family has always smoked our turkey.  It gives it an amazing flavor and makes leftovers all the more interesting.  My mom pairs it with an apple, sage and Serrano onion purée-delish.  This year for side dishes, my sister and I made Barefoot’s Orange-Honey Glazed Carrots and Smitten Kitchen’s Balsamic Braised Brussel Sprouts with pancetta.  My aunt made a new stuffing this year–it was on the sweeter side with craisins, apples and pecans and was a total success.  She also made a sweet potato dish with the famous marshmallows on top.  For the cranberry sauce we made a Chipotle Cranberry Sauce as well as the normal cranberry sauce–both of these I could eat on their own.  For dessert my mom made her famous apple pie which is more of an apple crisp.  Pair it with my aunt’s homemade cinnamon ice cream and it’s to die for.

Now I think its time for me to go eat some leftovers.  My other favorite part of Thanksgiving is waking up to my sister eating cold stuffing at 10am…