Not Your Usual Chili

Tonight my sister and I were hosting a dinner party to celebrate our friend’s engagement (congrats again if you are reading this!).  We spent the whole day bickering back and forth about what to cook.  I never realized how difficult post-Thanksgiving menus are to plan…First it couldn’t be turkey because after Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving leftovers, and random odds and ends turkey dishes no one wants to even hear the word turkey.  Then, we didn’t want to make something too heavy after everyone is still trying to recover from the 5lb weight gain after Thanksgiving dinner.  We finally decided on a chili dish my mom made a lot growing up. I don’t eat beef, so it’s easy for me to say it’s my favorite chili recipe yet.  Judging by the clean plates after dinner, it’s safe to say it ranks pretty high in everyone else’s books too.  The recipe is a Chicken Chili recipe from Barefoot Contessa.  It’s a rather light chili with a tomato base and lots of bell peppers which sweeten the chili and add a crunch.  We served the chili with homemade corn bread muffins, but crunching up tortilla chips is also great with it.  To get rid of the brussels sprouts we had in the fridge, we made Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Maple Glazed Pecans.  I’ve always been a fan of brussels sprouts oddly, and I’ve wanted to try a recipe that calls for shredding the brussels.  This was a perfect fall/winter recipe with the pecans–a brussels sprouts hater even approved.  Although I miss all the grilling I did this summer, there is something inherently cozy about warm chili and cornbread.  Make sure you to make it on a night you plan on staying in with a movie and a bottle of wine, or my favorite Lindenmans Framboise Lambic Belgium Beer!