Make your Take-Out Series

For part one of Make your own Take-Out series, I made homemade Fried Wontons.  There were a few bloopers in this process…1. Going to three different grocery stores to find potsticker wrappers (even recruiting a crew of workers at the store to lead a search for them), and when I finally thought I found potsticker wrappers they ended up being wonton wrappers…So I made wontons instead of potstickers. They still worked out luckily! This recipe was for veggie potstickers, they turned out good as wontons but I think with the filling they would be better as potstickers.  Try them both and see what you think!

If you wanted to stop at this step, this would definitely make a good asian slaw.  The recipe does make a lot  of the mix, so you can save half for the potstickers and half for a asian slaw sidedish for another meal!