Make your Take-Out Series: Sushi

For the second part of Make you Take-Out Series, my boyfriend and I attempted to make our own sushi.  I found a great website that helped with the process and some sushi recipes, you can find it here.  We ended up learning the following lessons:

1. Making sushi just once doesn’t save you money, in fact it is rather expensive to buy all the sushi making essentials…so if you’re on a budget, still go for take-out. If you plan to make sushi regularly, the cost makes more sense.

2. Make a lot of rice, even extra rice.  The sushi rice we bought took about an hour to cook, and I completely underestimated how much rice was needed.  So to avoid taking another hour to make the rice, just make a lot at the beginning!

3. It’s all about the proportions-make sure you don’t put too much fish in your sushi or else it won’t roll properly and the raw fish overwhelms the taste of the roll.

4. In order to cut your sushi, you need a VERY sharp knife. Also whenever handling the rice make sure you have water on your hands or knife.  The other day at a restaurant, I noticed the sushi chef put Saran wrap over the roll and cut it with the Saran wrap on top-I think this helps for a neater cut.

5. Be creative!

Now that we have all the ingredients and tools to make sushi, I’m hoping it will become a regular thing.  I definitely think with some practice, you can have beautiful and delicious sushi!

Above is our successful Spicy Tuna Roll.  The Mango Salmon roll didn’t exactly turn out well enough to be photographed…