Bring on the BBQ…Pizza

I love making pizza at home, if you buy a pre-made crust it’s super easy and a quick dinner! A couple of nights ago I tried out a BBQ chicken pizza for the first time, because who doesn’t love this pizza at CPK?  For the BBQ sauce on the pizza, my boyfriend spiced it up by mixing Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce with lemon and red pepper flakes.  I’m usually not the biggest spicy fan but it really worked with this pizza.  I marinated the chicken in this sauce before cooking it, but to be honest it didn’t contribute much flavor to the chicken and not really necessary.  After prebaking the crust for a bit, just add all the ingredients on and your pizza is ready to be baked! I mixed together a couple of different recipes online. Just pick your favorite, they are all over the internet! This had shredded mozzarella, red onion, pulled chicken, and fresh cilantro on it.

On the side, I made sweet and sour brussels sprouts, you can find the recipe here although they didn’t have as much flavor as I hoped. Still yummy if you like the taste of brussels!