Asian Fusion Dinner Party

This past weekend while I was home in St. Louis my mom and I had an Asian Fusion dinner party.  The menu included Edamame Dip, Asian Spiced Ribs, Fried Rice, and a Vegetable Stir-fry.  I don’t usually eat red meat…although I like to say I “dabble” in pork.  By this I mean that if these ribs are sitting in front of me…I’m going to eat one…or five.  They aren’t the traditional BBQ ribs, but they are GOOD.  My mom starts the ribs out in the oven with a “Chinese 5 Spice” Seasoning Rub then finishes the ribs on the grill after lathering them in the most wonderful thing that comes in a bottle in terms of sauces: Soy Vay Hoisin Garlic Asian Glaze and Marinade.  Soy Vay makes some of the best Teriyaki sauces you can buy, and they have a great story behind the products…just read the company’s tag line:

What do you name a sauce produced by a Chinese girl and a Jewish boy?

Soy Vay, of course!

I would definitely recommend trying out one of their products.  Everyone at the dinner table was so in love with the ribs we had to pull the empty bottle out of the recycling to show them what to look for at the store!

Along with helping with chopping, cutting, etc. I contributed to the appetizers for the party.  I tried out a new Edamame Dip I found a couple weeks ago.  I’m going to share the recipe, although I can’t say it was the most flavorful dip I’ve ever had.  I also made my favorite Roasted Carrot and Cumin dip and let’s just say it won the popularity vote out of the two dips. My sister did mention she made a good Edamame Dip a bit ago, so I’ll have to try her recipe next time. I had to add extra garlic, lemon, and Sriracha to my dip to give it more of a kick, but you can find the original recipe here. Overall it was a great night with friends and family-so nice to see everyone at home 🙂