Purim Time!!

Happy Purim everyone! Sticking with traditional Purim nature, I had to make Hamentashens for dessert.  The last time I made them I was 12 years old in Jewish Sunday School during one of the cooking classes.  Needless to say I was excited to attempt them on my own.  For those of you who don’t know what Purim is, it is one of the happier Jewish holidays that recounts the saving of the Jews from a threatened massacre during the Persian period (539-330 BCE).  My memories of Purim consist of everyone dressing up in crazy costumes and using loud noise makers to yell “BOOOO” whenever Haman’s name was said in the retelling of the story of Purim.  I’m not exactly sure if the booing is a normal Purim practice…Anyway these cookies are great, the cookie itself has the taste of a scone more than a cookie, so naturally the jelly is delightful with it.  You can make your own filling if you have the time, or just use any jam or preserves.  I have to say, I was so pleasantly surprised with these cookies that I decided they need to be enjoyed on non-Purim days as well.

On my search for a Hamentashen recipe, I noticed a big variation between all of the recipes.  I went for Andrea’s Hamentashen Recipe I found in St. Louis Jewish Light’s website–it was one of the more simple recipes that didn’t require a food processor, I really liked how it turned out!