Real Simple Does the Trick: Pasta Puttanesca

Everyone has their go-to magazines when they are at the airport.  You consider it a treat for yourself, divulging in a $5 gossip magazine…you wouldn’t probably buy it elsewhere, but at the airport it’s OK.  Although I enjoy reading those magazines, my go-to magazine is Real Simple (and if I’m feeling adventurous, obviously Bon Appetit).  I have to say that along with all the helpful tips for everyday life, Real Simple Magazine has always had great recipes. I love their section of 5 easy and delicious meals.  I finally decided to try out one of their recipes for the blog.  This pasta really was as easy as promised, and also delightfully delicious.  The pasta is a Cauliflower Penne Puttanesca-I altered the recipe a bit, I used already crushed tomatoes, I doubled the red pepper flakes, and I replaced the parsley with basil to finish off the dish.  If you aren’t a big cauliflower person, you can easily remove it or replace it with another veggie-I want to try the dish out with brussels sprouts or eggplant.  I say to always try to use freshly grated parmesan–what a difference it makes.  This dish is great to make if you are having guests over and want to make something easy and not too expensive, serve with a nice salad and/or along side some marinated chicken breasts.  You really should try this out!