Semi-Homemade Pizzas

Homemade pizzas are one of my favorite weeknight meals.  I cheat and buy pre-made dough from Whole Foods or Trader Joes, this makes your meal prep super fast.  My go-to favorites for homemade pizzas are pesto with pine nuts and mozzarella (maybe add some sun dried tomatoes) and a smorgasbord pizza my mom always made for us with roasted bell peppers, smoked gouda, pistachios and chicken–amazing.  Lately, I’ve found myself enjoying adding spice to my meals, hence this pizza recipe came along.  This super quick, yet delicious pizza is a spicy sausage and bell pepper pizza, choose your own cheese (I added mozzarella).  While I never follow a strict recipe with pizzas, I’ve included a brief outline of what to add and when.  Total prep time should only be about 15minutes! I’d love for you to share your favorite pizza recipes, I’m always looking to try new ones out 🙂

Spicy Sausage and Bell Pepper Pizza

You will need: pizza dough, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, spicy sausage in casing, mozzarella cheese, red pepper flakes, marinara sauce

  1. Buy pre-made crust and follow baking instructions, some need to pre-bake.
  2. De-case the sausage, add to pan breaking it apart while cooking until done
  3. Spread marinara sauce or pizza sauce over the pizza
  4. Add sausage to the pizza
  5. Layer sliced bell peppers
  6. Sprinkle over red pepper flakes to add additional spice
  7. Cover with your cheese
  8. Brush crust with a bit of olive oil
  9. Bake and enjoy!