A Different Type of Cake: Quinoa Cakes

I am very excited to share this recipe. I have made these delicious quinoa cakes four or five times this summer already! This recipe is perfect to make use of any leftover quinoa in the fridge, but also well worth it to start from scratch! You can serve the cakes alone (with a little avocado spread on top) as an appetizer, or serve on top of a salad for a more rounded dish.  I usually lay the cakes on a bed of arugula and add sliced avocado. Then for the dressing I make a Dijon vinaigrette–just mix oil, bit of whole grain mustard, bit of Dijon mustard, red wine or rice vinegar, lemon juice, s&p, and garlic if you want to add some spice.


Note: I’ve always used Gruyère cheese—I also had to add an egg to bind the batter to better form the patties.  Enjoy!