Red Velvet Perfection

Red Velvet Cake is usually a cake I leave to the professionals due to the need of red food coloring and buttermilk, but sometimes you are craving this cake and can’t wait to make it to the cupcake shop the next day.  As any cake is, the process of baking, cooling, and icing can take a while. If you are concerned with the taste and look of your cake, give yourself an entire afternoon or evening to finish this cake.  Per usual, I looked to Deb for her red velvet recipe—it did not disappoint. The cake was perfectly moist, and even with my low supply of food coloring the color of the cake turned out that perfect red velvet you expect when you cut into the creamy frosting.  The recipe made enough for me to make a normal sized two layer cake and about 8 cupcakes. This way you don’t have to wait for the cake to be done to treat yourself to some red velvet.