Risotto Your Way

Risotto is something I always have in my pantry.  While I think of it as more of a dish to enjoy in the winter, there are so many options of what to add to the rice that allows you to get creative with your own “mix-ins” and make the dish in any season.  Most risotto recipes have the same base ingredients/steps: Saute ingredients, add rice, gradually add your liquid (white wine and/or stock) and simmer until liquid is absorbed by the rice.  Risotto recipes allow you to customize to your likings. Maybe you only have frozen peas and Parmesan around? No problem, still will be delicious. A personal favorite is butternut squash risotto. Or maybe you want to get a bit fancier—try out this Smitten Recipe that will not disappoint:

Either way, I want to emphasize that you really don’t need a recipe for risotto, cook it with your favorite ingredients and enjoy!