Summer BBQ Ideas

As August is approaching, I wanted to share some Summer recipes I’ve made this summer before September is open us and we are no longer breaking out the grill on a regular basis.  (Insert sigh here)

I always look forward to summer BBQs. Not only is grilling an easy crowd feeder and pleaser, but your spread always turns out colorful and balanced.  I wanted to share some of the grilling/BBQ recipes I’ve tried out so far this summer. Hoping to get to the grill a couple more times before law school starts…

Bobby Flay’s Cumin-Lime-Dill ColeSlaw: I loved this coleslaw because it departed from original recipe of just cabbage and carrots to include julienne-cut peppers to give the salad even more of a crunch. The dressing was very light on mayo (I’ve never been a big fan of white condiments) and stronger on the lime juice and dill. Cumin is also one of my favorite spices–toast cumin seeds and grind them for more flavor. We used fresh herbs from the garden to make this quite a refreshing dish alongside some BBQ chicken.


Snap Pea and Cabbage Slaw:  Another break from the traditional coleslaw. I’ve never cut up snap peas like this recipe calls for (thinly sliced crosswise), but now I am sure to do it again. The casing of the peas added a crunch just as a bell pepper would. You can choose to leave the seeds in the dish as well for more substance in the salad. This slaw had a great vinaigrette to it-very light and perfect for a hot summer day.

Bon Appétit Sriracha Glazed Skewers: This was the cover recipe of July’s issue. Perfect chicken recipe if you’d like to add some heat to the BBQ. The process of grilling seemed to take away some of the spice to this recipe, but still definitely packs a punch.  I think the skewers would be good with some peppers or pineapple added alongside the chicken.  The sauce perfectly crystallizes on the skewers for that great crispy coating.


Barefoot Contessa’s Greek Panzanella Salad:  This is a new favorite, a perfect BBQ or summer dish. It is full of fresh flavors and adds a refreshing element to any meal.  A Panzanella salad mixes chopped vegetables with a toasted french bread, tossed with a vinaigrette and in this case feta cheese.  Make sure to toss the salad about 20-30 minutes before serving: you want the flavors to soak into the croutons but you don’t want them to be soggy.  Add any ingredients you see fitting to the dish, but making sure you use a good bread is a must!